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Historic Ranch on Red River                     

Located 2 Miles South & 1 West of Highway 89 & 32 Junction


250 Acres of Cropland with Class I & II Soils


170 Acres Improved Bermuda Grass


1.5 miles of Red River Frontage


Fantastic Fishing and Hunting

                Farms and Ranches

Turner Land Company was built on the thriving cattle industry centered in Ringling, OK.  Private statistics show that there are more cattle within 100 miles of Ringing than anywhere in the United States, excluding feed lots.  This can be attributed to the fertile sandy loam soils found north of the Red River and along its tributaries, tall native grass, ideal growing conditions for introduced bermudagrass pasture and the birthplace of winter wheat cattle grazing.


Another priceless feature of our area is the proximety of the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation.  The Noble Foundation provides complimentary consultation services to agricultural producers in our area and will literally send a team of experts to your property and help design a management plan based on your goals.


"The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation is an independent, nonprofit institute headquartered in Ardmore, Okla. Founded in 1945, the Noble Foundation conducts direct operations, including assisting farmers and ranchers, and conducting plant science research and agricultural programs, to enhance agricultural productivity regionally, nationally and internationally."


"Noble Foundation agricultural consultants advise on forage-based livestock operations, crop production, range management, horticulture, and developing and managing wildlife enterprises. The consultation program is a key divisional focus."


"The Agricultural Division assists agricultural producers and land stewards in attaining their financial, quality-of-life and stewardship goals in an ever-evolving environment by educating and counseling them on the adoption of sustainable, research-proven practices."

For more information visit www.noble.org or click the logo below.

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